A CS3 Scenario game

Hi All,

Can someone help me?

Im wondering if it’s easy enough to make a random scenario game??

My idea is you have 2 values on screen a points value and a budget value.

And a textbox or field where random scenario’s will be. Now depending if the scenario is good or bad, will determine whether your points and budget goes up or down.

My aim is to have 1 month’s scenario’s to play through but on a week by week basis, so i think they should be a button to play through each week.

Ideally within a week i would possibly like 2 maybe 3 scenarios happen so within the textbox could be a summary of scenario’s for that week.

And eventually at the end of month there should be a hidden points value to compare your points value with to determine whether you have been success or failure. for example hidden value = 250, and if your points value is lower than 250 then your a failure and vice verse.

This is a bit of an ask i know, but perhaps someone already has done something similar and can pass on there knowledge/code. Or give me an example.

Or if someone is willing to help by putting say an example together for me which i can tweak??

Then rather than 1 month’s scenario’s change it to maybe 2 weeks, then i can change it for more later.

Many Thanks.