A cross-browser issue/request


I have this page,
I would appreciate it very very much if someone could look at it in IE (8 & 9 if possible)

it should look & behave the same as this one,
which is done with HTML5 (which means it won’t work at all in IE8, not sure about IE9… but should work in moz & webkit browsers)

behavior (should be the same for both pages):
mouse over jewel images, content will appear on top… on this content mouse over nos. at the bottom (in gray circles) some copy (diff for every no.) appears below the no.

if you look at this, if you could confirm to me both pages have are the same visually & have the same behavior, I would appreciate it very much… thank you…

PS: wasn’t sure where to post, but since it’s mostly an HTML-vs-HTML5 issue, posted here…

Your HTML4 version seems to work fine in IE8 and 9, except that in IE8, the white background cuts off half way down the footer links, meaning their background is partly black.

Just as an aside, you can make HTML5 work on IE with a bit of JS support, but I agree it’s not worth it at this stage.