A change of name for pmw57

I am pleased to announce that the pmw57 account name is now upgraded to the more user-friendly name of paul_wilkins.

Also, instead of using an image of my book writing hero, Terry Pratchett, I’m using a mug-shot of myself! :eek:

So I’m still the same guy, only with a more accessibly honest identity.

Paul, halllooooo! Nice to see you out front and open and stuff.

congrats for joining the ranks of people who are giving out your real stuffs!!!

Cool move Paul.

I am going to continue to hide behind my pretend self.

Oh, hang on, this thread isn’t about me.

…and I will hide behind HAWK… :smiley:

Strangely the PTERRY looked so stern to me. Must’ve been the UNIX beard.

Weldone done Paul, great idea, shame about the mug shot :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, that one was taken of me a few years ago now. I must consider getting another photo taken of me somewhere in this century, at some stage.

One with a beard to impress the cat. I wouldn’t worry about the picture at least you aren’t as scary-looking as me. :wink:

Hi Paul nice to meet you. Some times I wish I was my old non named self out here (I changed my name too a while back). When I’m my real identity it sometimes feels like I can’t let loose as I sometimes feel the need to do. But now I’m accountable for my actions. So only polite and pc Eric you will see.