A Breaking News

I know I’ve been a bit harsh lately by criticizing Rebol Strategy on my blog but I’m always well intentioned and one should always take my critics positively. But when time comes when I see something great, well I won’t restrain myself from telling it.

And a few days ago, I learnt that in a future release of Rebol 2, you will have nothing less than ODBC, SSL/HTTPS, in fact it is as if you had Rebol Command for FREE. That is not only great, that is unexpected so I say Wow to Rebol Technology !

What you can do with ODBC ? Well you can edit MS Access Database with your Rebol 500Ko (instead of dozens of megabytes just for the GUI part, of course the data size will stay as big) or you can use secure SSL with twitter API and other webservices, only imagination is the limit :).

I am deeply fond of software history and I know that one thing that did launch the PC was the spreadsheet, and that VB did stagnate until version 3 did provide relational database access through odbc for free.

Now that Rebol will do so very soon in Rebol V2 not Rebol V3, I am sure that it will start a new growth spiral especially especially targeting Small Businesses which really need Productivity for automating their Process really quick !

Just have to be a little patient for the release though beta is available see more info on my blog if you want.