A blog structure

I am developing own blog and I am wondering what structure would be the best choice. Please check all options and tell me which one do you think is the best:

-5 last articles (blog posts) on home page with image + an article teaser. The teaser is wrote extra only for the home page. If you click on home page to older posts, each page url is depend on month and each page has 10+ articles (to not have exact the same article teasers as home page had yesterday, the older posts page has 10-5 more articles).

-On the menu are categories of which names are ralated to most popular keywords

-Each category page has a 200 words introduction. To not duplicate teasers from home page, in the category page are only titles and images of articles related to this category. 15 titles per page, listenings of older pages are noindex since all those article titles are also in home listenings.

-Final article has own page with full text and comments.

b )
Similar as a) with a difference that I would have on home page 10 last articles and just 2 lines of teaser. The full text of teaser is than on category page. Together with article from categories I would put on home page also some news to have at lest 50% different content from categories.

Any other idea how to avoid duplicate from home page and category?

Thank you so much!

I think the best solution is (a) not too many articles on first page is better to avoid confusion if they are not essential.

first page should be condensed and must have good useful info.