A/B Split Testing

What is A/B Split Testing? And how it is helpful in SEO? I’m not aware of it. Please help.

If we want to improve site traffic or conversion then we have to do experiments and A/B testing is very helpful in providing the idea about which works(design,content, graphics etc.) for one site and which not.

a b split testing is the best way to promote your promotion on net…
we can promote two advertisement with the same target… because of that we come to know that which are the add will grow & give best performance…

Smashing Magazine have a fantastic article on A/B Testing (also known as Multivariate Testing) and how it can be useful for sites.

Strictly speaking, there is little to no SEO benefit to Multivariate Testing. However, I would argue that nowadays Multivariate Testing is far more important than SEO. Personally, I would rather sink time into running some tests on my website to improve conversions or bounce rate than spamming “dofollow” blogs for no gain whatsoever.

Thanks all for useful comments. More explanation would be great.

The thing is, you’re asking in the wrong place. A/B testing is usually associated with usability rather than SEO. Google will pull up plenty of information if you search for A/B testing, split testing or multivariate testing. There is a good article about it on useit.com

Thanks a lot for the advise and article.

A/B testing is a testing we are using to test the landing page of website to increase the conversion rate.Basically A/B testing of landing page means user interface testing of landing page or lead generation page.

Good way to test different sections of a website and see if results vary - ex - tags, etc.