A:active state not working?

hey folks,
i m working on a website currently in development. i have a problem. or should i two of them. first is that my a:active property isn’t working and secondly that the i have a div for footer. when i insert a another div inside footer div for text format. the div gets too big and ugly. here is there link

Hi, when you use the :active psuedo class, you must also set link, visited, and hover. You have to go in order :slight_smile:

a:active{border:1px solid red;}

Please be more descriptive about the footer issue :). I don’t understand a word you’re saying other then something gets big and ugly :wink:

Ryan i did according to your say i,e psuedo class. however i am unable to get a a:active effect. i want a image which i created when page is active. i was able to use it on hover state but that was too when around the text. not as a whole block. a example is like hovering over site point menu.
about that footer if you see it in IE. there footer have space and i want the footer text to sit on bottom of the image which isn’t being applied too

Well I tested myt solution out myself so you must have done something wrong or changed hte page from what I had orignally seen.
It works. I just tested again.

Also, you do realize :active refers to the event of a user holding down a click (not unpressed)

a:active{border:1px solid blue;}

	padding-bottom:118px;/*footer height*/
	position:relative;/*set a stacking context for the footer since its AP'd*/

The code is commented.

I won’t even bother explaning (as I’ve done so in countless of your previous threads) taht you shouldn’t design for fixed height resolutions, and the wrapper shouldn’t ahve a fixed height.

the border propety works but when i say background-image it shows just over the text but not as full graphic

So the backgorund doesn’t fully show? Make sure the width/height is enough to make the anchor show. IF that’s what you meant :slight_smile:

i have updated the css if u see when u hover over links. the links shows only on places where there is text. but i want them at there full height i.e 41px;

Hi, ignoring hte fact you are using general selectors such as a:hover (for the menu, when it really should be identified as “.menu a:hover”, etc), you nneed to set float:left on the anchors

It will only go 31px height (as you set for the height of .menu) and it won’t go the extra 10 pixels because that is padding that you set on .menu and the anchors can’t reach that high.

so lets take an example of hover if i make a hover class for a selector named gallery like
a:hover.gallery{border:5px solid red}
will it work on any class with a class of gallery and anchor?
p.s if u see the link. how do i make the text sit on low?

Well, it’d be a.galler:hover{} but yes it will work.
You could fake the bottomness by shifting the background image up more and thus the text will appear to slide down.

Unless I’m misunderstanding? :slight_smile:

ah thanks! like always your a life saver!

Glad it helped :). I’ll assume everything sorted now ;).

though. if have created a page with thumbnails. now only knowing css and html. how can i open them in _blank window with its own height and width.making sure the image click open in same window as before. in spite of opening new window for every image. is it possible in html or css or JS is only way?

ryan i just tried as u asked for hover but it didn’t work. here is the css
.galleryimg{width:100px; height:100px; border:#CCC 3px solid; float:left; margin:10px; padding:2px;}
a.galleryimg:hover{border:#900 3px solid; width:100px; height:100px;}

You could set target=“_blank” in the HTML to open a new window thoug hI believe that’s deprecated in strict doctypes.\
Can I have a new link?

That returns 404 (also when you post, tell me which area)

test is dead. try this

I search your source for a class=“galleryimg” in your HTML, since you didn’t point me to the area as I requested (I actually just did ctrl+f for “galleryimg” though no results)

Did you update the HTML with the class?

u can find it under photo gallery page. the a.hover for that class isn’t working too

I clicked Photo Gallery in the top nav

Ah thanks for heads up. now its fixed