8 SEO myths that won't die

Found this article > http://unstuckdigital.com/8-seo-scams/ and I thought would interest you guys as well since the SEO world is full of a lot of scams these days.

First off, nobody can guarantee a ranking. Secondly, your website already has hundreds of page one rankings. Here’s an example: search for “mike tekula unstuck.” I guarantee you UnstuckDigital.comm is the first result. Shouldn’t it be?

Go through your own website and put together a list of similar ridiculously obscure keywords. Search for them. You’re going to find lots of page one rankings.

Rankings have never been the goal. They’re merely a means to an end. The end is leads/sales/whatever your goal is. Qualified traffic that converts. A ranking by itself means nothing if it refers no qualified traffic.

What other SEO myths that you know about?

The biggest scams that I see are people who (a) guarantee a #1 position in Google, and (b) claim to be able to get a thousand quality backlinks for a paltry sum of money. For a start, most sites are fairly industry-specific, and so if you want quality backlinks, you’re going to need to know something about the industry to even find the right sites, let alone get links in relevant locations and contexts. How likely is it that the snake oil salesman SEO consultant knows that much about your industry?

As the rules of google ranking is unknown and unpredictable so myths will be always dere as suspence leads to myths…:wink: