8 March - Women's Day

To all the women on SPF:

This day, when women are the center of attention, please let us wish you hapiness for all the years to come!

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They are always in the center of attention :slight_smile:

Thanks… :smiley:

pfft Mrs S knows she’s a bit special…!

Is that positive? because I’m sure that your wife knows that she’s special because you don’t let her drive your car :stuck_out_tongue: runs and hides

lol my cars are my pride and joy so she knows not to ask :smiley:

Thank you noonnope! And, brava to all the women! God bless and more power to us!

Damn, I missed it.
Can I have an official day today?

Sure happy HAWK day. :slight_smile:

Ooooooh yeah.

every day is a women day for me, not just 8 mars

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I agree with you but from the woman day hope to don’t see violence for woman in the world. Thanks. :blush:

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Thanks… cheer to all women out there:)

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