Can you folks recommend a good zip/unzip program?looks like i had jZip & no issues but the recent antivirus/malware scan deleted it. Now when i downloaded a new copy i get the message that it is malware.
I am trying 7zip but not crazy about the ui.

I bought WinRAR long, long ago and have been happy with it. I assume WinZIP is just as good if not more up-to-date.

I tried 7zip a couple of years ago and indeed found that the UI would make one a bit crazy. Eventually, it started making sense, but not enough to keep me interested.

A few weeks ago I ran a malware scan on some old archives and the only one that “bounced” was a 7zip archive set up as self-extracting. 7zip itself was not flagged. The file wasn’t important enough to keep so I deleted it. Non-self-extracting 7zip archives were not flagged. I suspect there was nothing wrong with it… a fluke in the strings that the malware code detects, maybe… maybe. It sure would be an easy way to plant a PUP on someone else’s computer, though.

It’s interesting that jZip would now be flagged as malware. PUPs have entered the realm of serious malware in recent months because they have become more sophisticated and are being used as vectors which in turn download the serious stuff. Anti-malware apps are starting to flag files carrying PUPs as infected whereas they used to give them a pass.

Well, I’m one of those that’s happy with 7-zip. The main reason is that it opens almost everything unlike Winzip. WinRar does open quite a few number of compressed formats but 7-zip opens even more, including windows .cab. So I’m sticking to it :slight_smile:

I’ve never heard anyone say they weren’t happy with it. To me, it’s not only the best option, but the only option.

I don’t know why you need a good UI to drag and drop things into zip folders. I find 7zip much less confusing than any others I’ve ever used. It’s just straight forward, there is no need for a fancy ugly UI on a utility.

reckon i am just a lazy slacker.
Thank you all. will give 7-zip a few more tries.
you all have a great week.

I too use 7zip and have been for some time. If you are having issues with your antivirus program go to there forum and see if any one else has been having problems. Maybe you’ll find a solution. :slight_smile:

I am use win rar… win rar is best way to unzip… you can use this and enjoy.