64 bit 8GB Ram or 2nd 32 Bit Server with 2-4GB Both Dual Core

I seem to be outgrowing one of my dedicated servers and mysql is eating up a ton of my processor usage. (i’ve already bought a book on best mysql practices)

I have multiple sites on this server but my question is should i buy a second 32 bit server with 2-4GB Ram or a new 64bit 8GB+ Ram server that ends up being cheaper than running 2 servers.

Both have Quad (sorry said dual in subject) core processors. Both CentOS

Thanks Ahead of Time

That really depends on your usage strategy on which would work out better.

You may find it better to split the load between 2 servers (if you can split sites between them in a sort of load balanced setup) - equally you could put web on one and database on the other.

However, it may be easier from a management point of view to have them all on one machine.

Is the load currently caused by IO on teh drives? Queries that could be optimised with a few extra indexes? Have a look into slow queries and see if that gives you any information that you could optimise the current server with.