606 width x 341 height to percentage

I can’t figure this out
606 width x 341 height

606px is what percent of

341px is what percent of

Do either of those number have percentage signs? No? Then they are not percentages.

If they were taken from an HTML element such as an image, then they are pixels.

At this point, you need to review elementary school math.

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606 / (341/100) = 177.71

What can you not figure out? What do you not understand?

A percent is a relationship between two numbers. Doesn’t the calculator ask you to input two numbers so it can calculate their relationship as a percent?

Those statements/questions(?) make no sense.

Perhaps if you asked:

606px is what percent of 341px?

341ps is what percent of 606px?

the questions would make sense, if that is indeed what you are asking.
Of course, then the calculator could give you the answer straightaway :slight_smile:


I think the confusion has to do with not understanding the difference between Relative length units and Absolute length units.

I guess the decision on which to use when and where depends a lot on the experience and skill of the designer. I prefer to use absolute values sparingly and let things be “less rigid”.

It has long been known that specifying font-size in pixels has issues as has designing for monitor sizes.

So IMHO it is good to want to use relative units where using them instead of absolute values would be an improvement.

The problem is that relative units are in relation to something else. A designer can not simply change an absolute unit to a relative unit on an element taken in isolation. I guess most often it is the “parent” or “container” element that is what is used in the “relation to”. Not always so easy, as the C in CSS is cascading so sometimes a style from an ancestor element may be having an effect that is not so easy to pin down.

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