6 of the Best Free Contact Form Plugins for Wordpress

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Web forms are essential for common data collection tasks, such as collecting email addresses, visitor information, feedback, surveys and member registrations. Even the humble contact form is usually found on most websites.

At the time of writing, searching for “contact form” on the WordPress Plugin Directory yields 1,533 results! To help navigate the volume of options and cut through the noise, I’ll cover some of the most popular, regularly updated and free WordPress contact form plugins available.

Jetpack’s Contact Form Module

Jetpack is a popular and feature rich WordPress plugin with more than 30 modules. With these modules, you can add different features to your WordPress website depending on your needs.

One of Jetpack’s most commonly used modules is the Contact Form module, which provides a simple and elegant form creator. Jetpack will send an email notification for each contact form response and you can customize the email address to which the notifications will be sent. If you’re using the Akismet plugin, every form submission will be checked for spam as well.

If you want to find out more about Jetpack or install it on your site, visit the Jetpack page on the WordPress.org repository.

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Thanks for the wordpress article! These plugins looks very useful.

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Thanks @cozmotek - I use Contact Form 7 quite a lot. It might not be as pretty as some as the others, but it’s reliable and there are heaps of extensions which have come in handy for different projects.

I like Contact form 7. And I always use it. It is a common plugin that all developer should use. It has all those options that a developer need.

Thanks for the wordpress article!

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