6 layers of web design?


I’m a beginner designer and one of my client wants me to design a website like another he has seen but he asked me to design 6 layers of website. I didn’t understand that.

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Did you ask the client what he meant by it?

Ask him what he means by 6 layers of website, plus the website he is talking about. I would also ask him what he is looking for in a website personally not by giving example of websites. If client and you get everything agree upon get it in writing! I have learned from personal experience that if you don’t get terms of the website in writing the client will just walking all over you no matter if they are friends.

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This is the ref he is giving me (website redacted) please check what he meant by the ref.

Your post is looking more and more like an excuse for spam. We don’t need the website that you say your client is referring to. You need to ask what is meant by “6 layers of web design” since it is not a phrase that means anything to anyone here.

I imagine that as a beginner web designer, the OPs concern is that by asking what this “six layers” thing means, they may come across as not knowing their stuff. Hopefully the responses on here from experienced web people will reassure them that it’s not a common term.

Maybe their client has an old book lying around: https://www.amazon.com/Six-Layers-Design-Crafting-Beautiful/dp/1617290440

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If you’re worried about asking directly what he means, then approach it indirectly. Ask him what it is about the other site that he likes, which features he would want incorporated into his own site, and how. You need to get as much information from him as possible, in order to create the site that he has in mind. He should understand that. If he repeats the phrase “6 layers of website”, then ask what he understands by the term.