404 / layout issues in IE 7

I’m currently working on some markup for:

However, in IE7 (running on a virtual box vm) it displays a 404 (after loading the page for a few seconds)

In Chrome / other browsers, it displays

Any idea what’s going on?

Hey look, a splash page… with auto-playing music and video content – isn’t that on pretty much EVERY “how not to build a website” list? Goes well with the illegible color contrasts on the menu, inaccessible fixed width and absurdly undersized fixed metric fonts; much less the total lack of anything resembling content for first time visitors to even know what the site is.

Though as to your ‘problem’, I’d suspect that the code running in the IFRAME (which is a no-no) that appears to use HTML 5 elements and a bizarre mix of half-assed code provided by Vimeo is to blame. Your best bet would be to contact them and ask if their bloated rubbish code actually even works in IE7 in the first place… given that they seem to wrap a IFRAME in a IFRAME that then uses javascript to nest another IFRAME… Well…

Vimeo’s ineptitude knows no bounds?

Though seriously, axe that stupid video for a page that actually has CONTENT so people know where the devil they even are.

Was actually a datetime picker used elsewhere in the app that wasn’t supported by IE7

Video remains however :stuck_out_tongue:
(not my choice)