403 Error accessing /blog/wp-admin

Hello Everyone,

I have installed WordPress to the subdirectory on my domain benleetaylor.com/blog/. I’m having an issue accessing the admin dashboard in the way I am used to doing it through benleetaylor.com/blog/wp-admin. I keep receiving a 403 Error that reads “You don’t have permission to access /blog/wp-admin/ on this server.” However, if I try to access a file directly in the wp-admin folder (for instance benleetaylor.com/blog/wp-admin/options.php), I have no issues doing so. It’s just that when I try logging in from the main login screen, it redirects me to /blog/wp-admin, and then I have to manually type in the URL that works.

In addition, I receive the same error when trying to visit the WordPress blog at benleetaylor.com/blog. Again, if I type in a specific page (for instance, benleetaylor.com/blog/sample-page), I can view the blog with no problems. I’ve already search thoroughly for a solution to this problem, and nothing (changing permissions, disabling mod_security in the .htaccess file, etc.).

What am I doing wrong?