3D Photo with Changeable Elements

Hey, all! I’m not sure if this is the best forum to post this, but I’m hoping to get some direction on possibilities for my newest project. I have a client who owns a motor coach company.

The client would like to post a 3D photo of a motor coach on his website. Then, he wants customers to be able to click on elements (seats, wall surfaces, ceiling, floor, etc.) and change the color or surface type and be able to see the new look.

Where do I start for something like this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

It sounds doable. I have seen sites which show a product and the user can do things like change the colour in the image.

Though I’m actually not sure what you mean be a “3D photo” it could be interpreted in a number of ways. Can you explain more clearly exactly what you mean by that?



For flat images you could use blend-modes but they are quite complicated to work out.


Assuming you didn’t want 3d rotation effects you could use multiple images and then using an image map (or some other js plugin) you could update the image with a new image containing all the previous settings. You would need to have images available for every outcome.

Other than that you might have to purchase a full fledged configurator tool.


Or perhaps a simpler version.



Thanks. By a 3D photo, I mean an image that you can click on and drag it to rotate it to see every point in the room. Maybe I mean a 360° image?

I think I know the sort you mean. Something like this?

Those are made from a number of still frames. I suppose you would need a different version of the “object” for every variation that is available, and swap them according to the user actions.

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This looks really helpful. I will begin to look into some of these. I definitely appreciate your response!

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