34 Dofollow Article Directories PR1/ 6 -submit articles & build backlinks

I have been blogging about a couple of months now, and I have heard many different things about different ways of driving traffic to my blog. I have tried many things and I still do. But nothing has worked better for me than article submission. And no I dont even use any article submission software, I submit all of my articles manually. Yes its painful and it takes a lot of time, but well worth it. Every day I get more than 25%(and rising) of my traffic from article directories that I have submitted my articles too.

Now, if you know SEO, than you know that backlinks from dofollow sites carry more weight than backlinks from nofolow sites when it comes to SEO. I dont even thing nofollow carries any weight at all for SEO. I am not sure, so I could be wrong though. But more link juice from dofolow sites is right and everyone knows about it.

Since I love article marketing and at the same time I use them to generate traffic to my blog, I though why not find some dofollow article directories and use them as well, to get more than just targeted traffic, backlinks! Backlinks that count when it comes to SEO.

So, I searched for other dofollow directories that I wasn’t using, and came up with 34 dofollow article directories to submit my articles too. Then today, I thought why not share it on forums I use and have helped me to learn so many things in such a small amount of time. So there you go 34 dofollow article directories PR 1/6

Dofollow article directories PR 6


Dofollow article directories PR 5



Dofollow article directories PR 4


Dofollow article directories PR 3


Dofollow article directories PR 2


Dofollow article directories PR 1


Please remember, some of these sites(due to spam) change their dofollow to nofollow tags from time to time, but it usually last a couple of weeks, which allows them to get rid of spammers for a while, then they go back to dofollow. Good luck to all of you guys.

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Ezinearticle directory is really the best one and its really the quality that matters

You are welcome guys. I just want to mention one thing. Keep in mind that you dont have to submit to only dofollow directories, I mean nofollow directories are good as well for traffic generation. The only thing different between the two is that with dofollow not only you get traffic, you also get link juice for your links which is helpful for increasing your PR.

Thank you so much for sharing dofollow article directories. I will submit my articles on it.

Austin Parkar

I am going to add my articles to these article directories. Thanks for sharing those valuable links. I really appreciate it.

No problem guys. I am glad you guys find it useful. I wish you all the best of luck.

thanks for list. i submitted articles in lot of article directory but not sure all are do follow.

Thanks for the list. In the past I realize now I have wasted my time submitting articles to directories that were not dofollow.

Your welcome Btcollins, No dont feel like you have wasted your time. As I explained above, submitting to nofollow directories is good as well. It can drive a huge amount of targeted traffic to your site, specially if its a popular directory.
Also keep in mind that submitting to only dofollow sites which means all of your backlinks coming from dofollow sites, will not look normal in the eyes of Google and others when it comes to your page rank. So its always good to build link as natural as possible. Good luck.

This is a very nice list and its a also helpful for new seo who are submitting article. You good manage this article list in pr wise. Such this is a good work of sharing.

Article directory backlinks are not that great…the emphasis should be on making your articles so good and compelling that other sites will pick them up since webmasters are always looking for content…most likely they will be picked up by sites with relevant content…that’s where you pick up the juice based on relevance. I used to write my own articles…I don’t do that anymore…

I’m lucky enough to work with a writer who wrote articles for a national magazine and got published by the NY Times. She charges me $50 dollars per. I would rather have 10 quality articles from her than 100 trash articles from elance or elsewhere to use only to generate backlinks…articles that will not get picked up by anyone.

Her articles have been picked up by other websites. What do you know, she sits next to me at work…

This is a very effective list to post articles. Can you please provide few do follow directory list also where we can add our websites too?

I’m hoping someone can help me understand. I have never been too concerned with SEO, I just work as hard as I can to put up good content in well structured valid pages and let things happen on their own.

So how exactly does a website get Page rank?

Yahoo and MSN to say the least are begging to discount the nofollow attribute. This is largely due to this tag’s failure to overcome spam.

As far as the PageRank is concerned, this is assigned to individual pages and not to the entire website - be it even an article directory. So filtering out article directories with the PageRank as a criteria, is practically a nonsense.

If you were to ask me, the first thing you should look at when deciding whether or not to use a particular article directory is at it’s alexa ranking. Although not 100% exact it gives you a pretty clear idea of the amount of traffic a website receives. With Article Directories you can rest assured that those that have an Alexa Ranking below 100.000 receives a decent and constant amount of traffic.

Just remember: quality not quantity :slight_smile: