320 and Up

Ok, so this 320 and Up boilerplate sounds great. But, it’s not complete.

By that I mean, there is no grid declarations.

It’s basically media queries and empty stylesheets. Unless I am missing something glaringly obvious.

It does say on the site that it includes Vertical Grid Based on Less Framework http://stuffandnonsense.co.uk/projects/320andup/ - but I can’t seem to find any reference to that.

But like I say it could be me.

I’m sorry, but what do you want us to do (unless I am missing something glaringly obvious.)?

A boilerplate isn’t meant to be complete. A boilerplate is a starting basis for further coding/development. For instance, I use two boilerplates.

First, I use Eric Meyer’s CSS reset. I also use a modified version of a basic HTML5 startup: (both of which are macros in Notepad++ <3)

<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<div id="bodycontent">

See how neither actually do anything? They just provide a basic layout that I (or you) can then add code to to make a webpage.

If you’re looking for a website template, then that’s totally different.