30k into a Wordpress based ecomerce build and marketing firm feels we went the wrong way

I work for a small business in the eCommerce space. We build our own products and sell exclusively online. Our website is our storefront. We have outgrew our current “boxed” host(3dcart) and have found shopify, big commerce and the like to be too limited. We have a lot of variations(over 30k) and so we consulted with 6 local web development companies and picked one.

We started talks late last year and started our build around March of this year. We are 30k into it and our company gets sold to a new owner. The new owner has been working with another marketing firm locally around here who also does web development.

He “reviews” the new website build as another set of eyes and points out some issues he see’s. He believes they are taking it the wrong way was they do not understand our customers and so built the site around “feelings”. His approach is to look at the data and create 3 personas to help shed light on how the website should operate and what to say on it.

He also said they are taking too long to build it and we feel the same. While the firm we chose has good reviews, we are starting to feel that they know too little about ecomerce builds.

The new owner is seriously considering scrapping 1 years worth of work and 30k to move on with the new marketing firm. We are trying to make a hard choice. The marketing firm owner says he is on the fence if we need to scrap it or proceed forward and he could consult with us to help pull off the build with our current developers.

We picked woocomerce because its open source with lots of coders out there familiar with it. The new marketing firm owner says that wordpress and woocomerce are dangerous because they can be hacked.

We asked what he builds his on and we are told it with a Microsoft framework. He has his own custom CMS he says. I looked into what one of this sites are made with using “builtwith” and found ASP.net to be the framework. He says it is more flexible than wordpress and woocomerce.

In an attempt to not make an emotional choice, I am seeking advice.

Would sticking with woocomerce be better than a new build with ASP.net? We know nothing about it. We feel our current web developer has not delivered what was promised because they dont take the time to truly know our products. The new marketing firm has shown more interest than the other company.

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