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I have a 3 months old ecommerce website with 120 products. It’s on a hosted platfom and for a lot of reasons i want to change the domain name (from “site-name.com” to SiteName.com) and also to a self developed open-source platform(OpenCart).
I will have seo links enabled in opencart so my links will be like “https://www.SiteName.com/name-of-product”, my actual links looks like " http://www.site-name.com/buy/name-of-product-115".
Now the questions:

  1. it’s worth to redirect the content (for 3 months of site existence)
    2.The redirect can be done in a few lines in .htaccess, or i must write one rule for each product?

Thought I would offer a solution from an SEO point of view @necularobert having lots of broken pages makes its more difficult for search engines like Google to crawl your site, if done correctly you can probably use what is called a 301 RedirectMatch to redirect all old pages to your new pages, this is done using .htaccess and will only require a few lines of code…

The other thing to consider here is if your pages you are moving have links from other websites then its probably a good idea to make sure they are redirected correctly so the “Link Juice” is passed to the new pages… if it was only a few pages with no links I would say just let them return a 404 error (page not found)

If you’re moving the site from one domain to another, then you should follow Google’s “change of address” procedure:

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good point… :slight_smile:

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