301 file redireict or 301 directory redirect...that is the question!

Hey guys, I am moving my Joomla site to a Wordpress site and will be filling my .htaccess file with 301 redirects to keep the search engines happy.

However, I’m not sure which 301 redirect to use…file or directory?

Joomla links directly to the article but the link looks like this: mysite.com/category/name-of-article

^so would that be considered a directory or a file? The URL looks like a directory but it is truly linking to just one article within Joomla and then it will be redirected to a Wordpress post of course.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the help!

Hi ComposerRyan.

Redirection to a file. From a Joomla! article to a WordPress post.

You have this tool to create a .htaccess code: http://www.htaccessredirect.net/

Okay awesome! By the way, do I have to specify “file” or “directory” or could I just put “301 redirect” and then list the URLs? So, is it really necessary to specify if it is a file or directory?

Thanks for your help again!

If there is an equivalence between your Joomla! and WordPress directories, you can specify “directory”. In other case, if you want to manage specific files, select the “file” option.

You could even set it to redirect directories to single files - and other combinations - by the proper declaration in the .htaccess.