301 cache issue, help, advice please

Hi All,

I ran into some new info the other day regarding the fact that the new browsers actually cache 301 redirects, see example:

  • page a has been redirected to page b with a 301 perm redirect will pass the SEO juice, update the search engines and such

  • however page a will now be cached by browsers as moved permenatly and not be checked again to ensure you still want it to go to page b so if you change your mind at any point your stuffed!

  • even more worrying if you use a 301 on domain name redirections. domain a to domain b or .asp to .php

So this makes 301 perm redirects a liablity as we can always indend to be permenant but can honestly never be sure 100%

The only fix for this I can see is setting the 301 perm redirect to not cache at all or always use a 302 which I’m relunctant to do as it doesnt pass the SEO juice and can cause misinterpretation by the search engines.

My question therfore is, does anyone know how to reliably on all browsers set the cache of a 301 to not cache at all or only live for say 24 hours?

any thoughts you clever lot?

Don’t go changing your mind so quickly. Or get it right the first time.
Or uses 307 if it is temporary. (307 Temporary Redirect)