3 Ways to Certainly Boost Your Work Motivation


I just started cultivating things that help me get more motivated to do my work as an online affiliate. I came up with these 3 things:

1. Ask affiliate managers for performance feedback.
2. Recite reasons I love my job, and other relevant private things.
3. I know market culture motivation results from winning in the marketplace and creating external partnerships. Therefore, I work to be one of the best as a webmaster.

Any feedback?



You should also apply the Pomodoro Technique. You should work for 25 minutes straight and then rest for 5 minutes. Do it four times before taking a longer rest (15-30 minutes). Rinse and repeat.

I find this a better way to work, because it allows you to prevent burn out and remain at the peak of your concentration and productivity for longer.





I like your advice. What do you like to do for the 5 minutes? How do you make sure you don't turn the 5 minutes into 4 hours?

Do you always use the Pomodoro Technique?

I am using the wiki page on Work Motivation. I designed my action plan around most of the info and theories in there.


I like the poem. Read it fast and it has some loving words.

No one can hurt you but yourself.

The meek shall inherit the Earth.


Hey, during the five minutes I use to just walk, drink some water, listen to music and do some slight workout if I feel like it. By slight I mean some push ups, a couple of pull ups (I have all of that in my office, so it works for me hahaha) and some kettlebell swings. That's what I found works best for me. I hope it helps you too!


Cool, seems like you are serious about the 5 minute break, to help you get through the day.

[I don't like working out within 10 hours after I take a shower.]


What happens if you dont like the job


You should either find a way to make it enjoyable for yourself, or try to get another job


I motivate myself by doing the usual reward-and-punishment system, like giving myself a positive incentive for a job well done. Interestingly, I read a recent study regarding self-discipline where you only allow yourself to indulge in an activity that you've always wanted to do (i.e. reading your favorite books) by first accomplishing other unpleasant tasks (i.e. going to the gym or working out towards a healthy lifestyle). This amounts to self-bribery, but somehow it worked for me.


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