3 Tear Keyword Approach

As one of my first contributions to this community, I thought I’d share a keyword approach that I always apply when writing content. This approach is the 3 tear keyword approach, and it works like this:

  1. Highly Competitive Keywords

the keywords in this tear are the most competitive. These keywords will more than likely contain one or two words within the phrase. Examples of the keywords found in tear one would be words like babies, weight loss, lose weight.

  1. Slightly Longer Tailed Keywords

These keywords are not as competitive, and they will not bring you as much traffic as the keywords in tear one. They are more targeted, however, and will bring you traffic that is more direct. Not to mention, conversion rates are higher for keywords in this group.

  1. Long Tailed Keywords

The keywords in this tear are the cream of the crop. While they will bring you the least amount of traffic, the conversion rates for these keywords are highest in this tear than in the other two because people searching with these sorts of keywords are far along in the process of what they want.

All three of these tears will work together to bring you traffic at different times. Tear three will bring you keywords first because these keywords are highly targeted and will bring people to you who are sure about what they want. Tear two will bring you a higher volume of traffic, but will take sligtly longer because these keywords are not quite as targeting as the keywords found in tear three. Tear one will work last, bringing you the highest volume of traffic. Tear three will take longer to bring you traffic than the other two tears, however, because the keywords found in this tear are highly competitive.

I hope this helps. Enjoy and happy writing.