3 column spacing issue

HI from too humid wakefield UK :slight_smile:

On this page -
Ive been doing a three column layout tutorial and hit a problem.

In my attempt to get the three columns to keep width consistent I added margin left properties but as the the screen shot illustrates ive got spacing issues.

Specifically where the question marks are in the screenshot there is lots of space inbetween where the content ends and the next column starts.

So my question is please how do I get three floated left columns to have content that sits in them without space?

Any insights welcome :slight_smile:

Yes, change your password first and then clean up the files and also notify your host as it may be their fault.

You can usually spot affected files by sorting the files by date as they usually all get changed on the same day.

Then run a scan on your own computer in case its a keylogger trojan etc.

It’s a real pain:(

i frame what the heck? I build the code myself so I just cant begin the guess how a virus got in there sorry.

Thanks for your reply, I’ll have a crack at it monday :slight_smile:

Holly god I see it in the source code!!! Maybe i should just knock it out and reload the code plus change password. I would love to know how / why this happens…

There are also two iframes with the word “tolluk” in the address on you home page (pause for refreshment) so I guess your whole site has been breeched but I didn’t want to look any further in case I got infected again.

They could have come from your host so you should check with them to clean up and change all your ftp passwords etc. They could also have come from a program on your computer monitoring your ftp details etc so run a scan.

My site was hacked last year but it was just 100k of viagra ads added into each page on my site. It took ages to clean up.


I’ve removed the link from your post because I think you just gave me a virus :frowning:

There’s an iframe at the bottom of the page that started something in my browser that google shows as a virus.

Regarding your 3 columns the space at the right is the margin-right that you put on the p elements. You don’t need a margin on the p elements as the columns themselves are sized.

Remove these margins

#columnleft3 p {
#columnmain3 p {

Thanks Paul - I’m doing the clean up operation now :slight_smile:
I think a php form I knocked up may have opened up a vulnerability is the site. So I’m gpoing to do another post in a relevant section on how to add security to php forms.

Thanks a million for spotting this :slight_smile:


Not quite sure what you are asking but do you mean something like this.


Hi Paul, Thanks for answering :slight_smile:

Your link may well solve my problem but here is hopefully a clearer explanation of my prob.

I want to do a 3 column layout of varying widths but with the text filling the width of each column. As it as it stands now I get a strange gap with the <p>
content. Ive put question marks in the screen grab to show the gaps.

So i guess i want to know why my content does not fill the width of the columns fully.