3 column custom loop order help :)

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to customise my home page loop into a 3x3 grid with an ad block in the center (i.e. display 8 posts).

post 1 | post 2 | post 3
post 4 | ad | post 5
post 6 | post 7 | post 8

but I want each column to be styled separately (i.e. have post1, post4 and post6 all in 1 div).

any ideas on how to deal with the loop to make this happen in such a way that pagination works? any links/ideas appreciated :slight_smile:

thank you!

I’ve found a few tutorials on how to display

post 1 | post 4 etc
post 2 | post 5 etc
post 3 | post 6 etc

but I want them in reading order :slight_smile:

thanks again!