2am Network: Everything a Host Should Be and More!

I absolutely dreaded the idea of shopping for a host. Then I happened to find 2am Network, mentioned in a forum like this one, and I could not be happier.

My needs aren’t great (though 2am has many plans for people who have greater needs than I do) – I just wanted a good, shared hosting plan for a basic how-to site, but I still had a long list of wants, and 2am Network met every one! This is what I was shopping for, and found!

  1. An affordable plan ($3-$5/mo) for a generous amount of bandwidth and space.

  2. Unlimited add-on domains allowable (relevant to the bandwidth/space allowances).

  3. Unlimited POP email

  4. Optional Secure SMTP Server (SSL)

  5. Ability to pay quarterly to check the service over a reasonable amount of time, while investing only a small amount of money and avoiding monthly bills.

  6. Multiple servers owned by the host itself. (Did not want to be part of a virtual co-op where my host has no control over the server because he is just a re-seller of someone else’s service.)

  7. In-house techs that ARE KNOWLEDGEABLE and address questions comprehensively. (Do not want to go through escalating customer service to eventually reach ‘the only person who knows anything’, nor do I want to be farmed out to someone who’s reading a script and knows less than I do.)

  8. Wanted a host with plans that continue to be affordable, even at higher levels, so that I can expand if need be.

  9. Wanted cPanel.

  10. Wanted 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

Aside from all this, I got something I didn’t know I wanted until I read it on 2am Network’s site, a price lock guarantee! As long as I have the account I signed up for, the price never goes up! That was a really nice extra!

In addition to all this, the professionalism, knowledge, personal attention, and friendly customer service of the techs AND the CEO, Cameron Coish, cannot be beat. My pre-sales inquires were answered with just a few minutes, and this didn’t change once I signed up. If you have a technical question about your site, you will get an answer pronto. And it won’t be a half-baked answer. It will not only answer your question, but help to educate you too. These guys are just great. I really can’t say enough.

This is an up-and-coming company, which was my one reservation, but everyone starts somewhere, and after just a few exchanges with 2am Network, it became clear to me these guys are go-getters who know their stuff and are determined to be a premiere host provider. I could not be happier I chose them. In my opinion 2am Network is one of the very best hosts anyone could ask for. I’ve been with them just over a month, but I plan to stay forever. I cannot recommend them highly enough. :smiley:

Hello Midnight,

Thank you very much for your detailed view and very kind words on our behalf. We are thrilled you are happy with our service and we hope to keep up with the high standards we’ve set for ourselves and ensure you receive nothing but the industry’s best service and support.

While we try to monitor various forums to find useful feedback and customer comments, it appears we missed this one, I do apoligize. We did end up finding it via Google however.

Thank you again, we truly appreciate your support!

Thanks Cameron, for 2am Network’s great service.

What is your domain hosted at 2am Network?

Can’t post this as a link cause I have less than 5 messages to this forum, but it’s how-to-download-binaries dot com … (sorry, could not submit this post any other way… kept getting rejected “to prevent spam”).

Looks good. I’ll put these guys on my short list after checking some more reviews.

And four months later I am just as happy. Their customer service is next to no one.

Good luck!