24 Hour is too short! What's your schedule like?

I miss the days of teenager when I just really did nothing all day. Anyways, here’s my schedule

2 hrs = essential routine like shower/eat/drive/etc…
8 hrs = work
1 hr = exercise
8 hrs = sleep
1 hr = browsing and wasting time. If I don’t do this then life is no fun.
1 hr = doing stupid chores like vacuum/laundry/dishwash/clean bathroom/pick up mail/etc…
2 hrs = coding for fun/business/listen to audible

Anyways, it comes down to around 2 hours on things I want to do per day… this really sucks… What’s your schedule like?


Mine is mostly similar, but my 8 hours work is really 4 hours work, 4 hours play. Half the time I don’t feel like I’m at work because I’m working on a project that lets me play with newer technology or presents a set of problems that are unique and fun to solve (the ones where you sit down and next time you look at the clock, hours have passed by).

Then I come home and spend a good portion of my day chasing the kids around, getting them ready for bed, etc.

I do wish I had more free time at home though, as man, kids do grow up fast.


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