2010 Community Awards - Time to Vote!

LTRIM(), RTRIM() or plain old TRIM()?

i am dying with laughter over here

allow me a moment of self-promotion –> http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2259652&postcount=68

for those of you who did not recognize this “in” joke, please see this thread – http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?t=274951

Voted, with all the trimmings!


Incidentally, a bit miffing that JavaScript is spelt as “java script”

The “community” voted with their feet, apparently one of the top contributors left in that section has never even posted there :wink:

No comment


This is the 3rd election I’ve voted in this year :lol:

Federal, State and now SP.

My :twocents: are in :slight_smile:

Voted :slight_smile:

Vote for HairyBob and I’ll bring back some sanity around here and stop it turning into a zoo!

You can thank Survey Monkey for that - I couldn’t get it to spell javascript, no matter what I did. It split the two words up automatically.

Thanks to those that have voted already. Please keep it up!

voted, good luck to all and well done for being nominated in the first place!

'ted :slight_smile: Good luck everyone!

Done and dusted.

It probably thought JavaScript was an possible malicious code injection term. Though why on earth it requires JavaScript to be enabled to see the survey content is beyond me. Not what I’d call accessible.


It’s a nice bright sunny day here. Now to get outside and take some photos for the Photography Competition.



I’m honoured to have been nominated, but am no longer in the running :frowning:

Must. Help. More.

goes to view PHP forum :slight_smile:

I keep trying to get out, but they suck me back in! :slight_smile:



[FONT=“Georgia”]So that’d be six cents then.