2010 Community Awards - Time to Vote!

[center]2010 SPF Community Awards
Deadline to vote: December 18th, 2010[/center]

Last month, we surveyed the SitePoint Forums community to give us names for who they thought best represented the various areas of the forum.

These names have been gathered, veted and organized, and these are the top names given by our members - it’s up to you to help decide who’s the best of the best!

And to make it all a little more tempting, SitePoint has stepped in and offered to give out not one, not two, not three, not even four, but FIVE $200 vouchers good for any SitePoint product to those who participate in the voting. Not bad, huh? A few minutes of your time, and not only are you recognizing the other members of the forums for their hard work and dedication, but you could get something out of it too?

Here are the only stipulations: [LIST=1]
[]You do NOT have to vote for every award, but you can only vote once regardless, so be sure you’re done!
]If you want a chance at one of the vouchers, you MUST provide your SPF username AND the email you’re registered there under. They must match, or you won’t be in the running for the vouchers.
[]Voting is only open until December 19th, 2010 at 12:00AM GMT so get your votes in now!
]If you’re in the running for an award, good luck!
[/LIST][center]VOTE NOW!!![/center]

Voted :slight_smile:


Gotta love it when someone who has posted 6 forum posts in an entire calendar year and none in the category that they are nominated in shows in the list of nominees.

Anyway, I voted for those categories for those I felt comfortable with.


Done :slight_smile:

And I have voted as well


[FONT=“Georgia”]Yaay, dklynn!

Year after year I say I’m going to learn REGEX to give him competition in the Apache forum and year after year I never do.


I’ve voted, good luck everyone and I appreciate being nominated! :slight_smile:

I appreciate the nomination as well, but please don’t vote for me for “Multimediac of the Year” as I’m by far not deserving of this title. I mean what is multimedia anyway, 2 CD-Rs? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :shifty:

I’d vote but it wants my user name and password. I’d rather vote anonymously. :shifty:

The community, which includes yourself, had the opportunity to change this. You can’t argue with democracy I’m afraid, although Winston Churchill did famously say:-

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.


Password? Are you sure?

nb: I’ve not yet voted.

Democracy is mob rule, who wants that? :shifty:

Okay it says in the top post here that it is username and email that I signed up with. Sorry for the confusion. :blush:

Yeah, that’s so that you can go into the draw to win one of the 5 spot prizes of $200 SitePoint vouchers.




have you tried TRIM()?