2010 Community Awards - time to nominate!

done…waw it’s great…i want to be the guru…:slight_smile:

Voted. Seriously thought there’d be more than just the dozen of us here votin’.

i think i missed the instructions where it says you have to reply “me, me, i voted too” to this thread

Well, it’s a good way to keep it on top of the latest forum posts list :smiley:

Done it!.. or did it? :lol:

i think i missed the instructions where it says you have to reply “me, me, i voted too” to this thread

You missed the big yeller sign with the big red letters? But it’s so big!!!

Don’t worry, yer repliez so sweet Rudy kthx =^.^= But all 12 of us should best be 'vangelizen for teh SitePoint votez. I haz psychic powerz.

Waitin’ for Obama to Get Out Tha Vote!!

‘f I were char’smatic I’d so be raisin tha hopes n’ dreamz of teh electorate man

gettin’ tha youth vote out brotha!

I think it’s YOU that hasn’t been around for a long time Moses! :wink:

Wow this brings back memories, mizwizzy havent seen u in a long time, if u still remember that is :stuck_out_tongue:

:lol: I’m with Sarah on that one ckita! Welcome back and yes I do remember! :slight_smile:

yep Moses! Where were you?

haha yea you guys are right, well i got hacked and lost all my sites, domains and income, so i didn’t feel like visiting or commenting much, i’m better now tho


*** btw, i wanted to “like” all yr 3 of your comments, damn facebook.

I haven’t voted but I promise that I will do it tomorrow… lots to ponder :slight_smile:

Hook me up everyone… Nominate HairyBob now!!!

It doesn’t exactly work like that :slight_smile:


Done! and on time! :slight_smile:

Done like dinner :smiley:

Just under the wire but I done did it.

I’ve unfortunately not been around for a while due to being crazy swamped with work so I’ve decided this year not to nominate but let the cards fall as they will!

There’s certainly a lot of people who have contributed over the year though… so I’ll be interested to see who makes the top spot! :wink:

And… nominations have closed.

We’ll take a few days to collate them and then it’ll be time for VOTING!