2 questions on MySQL based Feed Reader

I am focusing my thread to the Feed Reader software available at feedreader.com.
The software says, it allows to save the feeds in the MySQL database.

Have you tried it?
Q1. Even the fresh downloads say: Evaluation version expired (10/31/2008)

Q2. How can I relocate the database location used by the normal setup?
So, the installation becomes portable. Probably the database should reside within the application.

Q1, sounds like a bug in their installer / setup / code.

Q2. When installing mysql from the msi you can select where teh database goes… however, I know you can download a zipped version of mysql that you could extract to a folder and then this would become ‘portable’, the only issue is having to start it up every time you want to run it, normally mysql on windows runs as a system service so out of sight and mind of the user.