2 Column into 3 column

I’m looking to buy a 2 column WP theme to use for a project with the intention of having the theme converted into a 3 column with a left sidebar on the left and a right sidebar on the right. The theme in question can be seen HERE - I was wondering if it is possible to squeeze a left sidebar on the left where you can see the the avatar, date, etc?

That should be pretty easy, onedee—especially if you just want the left column to start where that avatar starts. Having it extend further up would be a bit trickier.

You’ll have to place the html code for the sidebar in the relevant theme file, and then give the new column a set width and float it left. At the same time, reduce the width of the #left div.

Hi ralph.m, thanks for dropping, that is exactly the news I’d wanted to read. Now, I just have to find someone who can help me with this. Thanks again really appreciate it.

That’s what we’re here for. So, do you have these files on your computer, or are they all just online?

That theme is on the owner’s server for preview purpose, once I buy it I should have a copy to modify.

OK, let us know when you have it installed—or post back for help on how to do this, although WP makes it very easy (see their ‘famous five minute install’ instructions.

It probably easier if you place all files on your computer first (say in an ftp program like Dreamweaver, or whatever you use) and then upload. That way, all the files you need to edit are also on your computer, so you can modify them locally and then upload the changes. I find that easier than trying to edit the files through the WP admin interface. Apart from anything else, you get handy line numbers when the file is open in your desktop software (I’m not sure if there’s a way to do that in WP). Also, sometimes it’s hard to find theme-specific files like css files in the WP admin area, whereas you have easy access to them if they are on your desktop.