2.0AS/ submission verification taking to long in form

I really hope someone can help my with this .fla. I am a beginner and barely know the AS syntax. I’m just guessing at this point. I feel like a blind girl in a china shop. I am looking for a helpful forum,… I hope this is the one. :shifty:

I am using AS 2.0 in Flash CS3.

I have a .fla form powered by a .php script. The fla is attached

When you click the submit button it takes you to a frame that tells you “your message has been sent”. Heres is my problem. It takes a long time for the “your message has been sent” frame to appear. I think the user will lose interest in waiting or they will think nothing is going to happen. How can I show a progress indicator of some sort. I could send them to a frame that says “please wait” but then, how do I get them back to the “your message has been sent” frame?

let me know if you cant open this

That’s a server issue and nothing to do with flash.
The best you can do is create another movieclip that
sits over your form telling the user the the form is
currently being submitted.