1WebSitesHostingPromotions.Com - Review

I received an email from this host asking me to review them on these forums.

I originally signed up with this host a few months back.

Pro’s: Very cheap, $1.00 a month, with almost unlimited bandwidth and

Con’s: Server I got is slow and unreliable. As I was putting the final touches
on my website, I literally walked away from the computer and came back sometime later and I was still waiting to see the changes I just made. In the couple of months I used this host, I would often see huge page creation times and this was just from the very limited time I spent on it. The website I placed on this server was a very basic website with almost no images. As I write this I am trying to log onto their “existing customer page” which is at:


And it simply will not load it just sits there forever and after like 10 minutes it times out.

The only thing good I can really say is that sometimes the page creation time and server did act normal. But after a few times of pulling up my page and seeing it was dead slow, I found another host. And after all it’s only $1.00 a month and I honestly didn’t expect much this is why I never really complained about it. But the bottom line is it’s only cheap if it actually works, and sadly in this case it didn’t. But if your not worried about sometimes people not being able to reach your website in a timely fashion this host might be a bargain(I.E. your not running ads).

Right now server is under maintenance. Inconvience caused is regretted.
Thanks for an honest opinion.
We will take care in future.