1px jog on before and after sidebar

I’m trying to fix a 1px jog that appears on the left side of my site. After the last item in the sidebar, the left margin jogs in to the right by 1 px and continues until the start of the footer. You can also see it between the top of the sidebar and the header. It doesn’t occur on the right side.
It is difficult to explain the problem but you can see it at

I don’t know why the URL didn’t appear in the post but here it is.
De su propria cosecha; wines from the California central coast

To me it looks like an image issue rather then a CSS issue, i say this because i looked closely at the footer image and it appears that the left side is 1px longer over the shadow.

Thanks for checking it out.
The footer image as well as the header, sidebar and footer are all 960px wide. The problem is between the sidebar and the footer which appears 1 px narrower.

I can say with 100% certainty that its an image issue, i opened the background shadow image in Photoshop and the overall width from edge to edge is 958px wide. Click the following link to see what i mean.

Yes, I agree with SgtLegend. Increase the width of the content section color in that background image by 1px on each side and it will work.

Thanks! You guys were right. I had some problems with increasing the main container section by 1px each side so I went the other way and reduced the inner sections (footer, header and the right content area) by 2px and it fixed it.
It’s nice having your help!

No problem, glad to help.