1px gap appearing down the middle

What does that tell you, and is there a remedy for that?

Now that we know what is causing it.

I was told it is not reproducible on Firefox but easily on Edge and Chrome.

Solution is the same: width: calc(50% + 1px); or, 51%

When you did yours, how come you didn’t use 51% and went with calc instead? @PaulOB

Gap Visible

With YouTube Code Removed, No Gap Visible.

And what is causing it?

Please provide a link to the earlier discussion.

Because the difference would always be 1px and you would never know when 51% would always be 1px larger and because I like to be exact.

In essence you could have used anything greater than 50% so I could ask you why you didn’t use 52 or 53%?


What is causing it?

A pixel division issue that the video pushes the borders 2 pixels too much.

Sorry about that, I realized after I posted.

Here: Continuing the discussion from Blend a full background over sliding curtain:

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