$1M savings for a bigger PHP user with PHP7

An interesting article.

It seems Badoo, a relatively large dating social network running on PHP, moved to PHP7 and their dev blog says they’ve saved a million dollars. The article explains the road leading up to the change to PHP7, including checking out HHVM and its disadvantages in their situation. I thought it was a nice read and another “win” for PHP7 and for PHP. It helps dispel the “PHP isn’t enterprise ready” myth.


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Just in case somebody didn’t know, Badoo (not to be confused with Baidu) is a large dating social network, which mostly technologically famous for creating a php-fpm process manager that is used virtually in every nginx-based php installation.

Their somewhat less known contributions to open source are

  • Pinba, a realtime monitoring/statistics server for PHP, which is IMO more suitable for the relatively big farms of php servers.
  • Blitz, a php_templates-like templating engine, which is a bit out of fashion nowdays

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