1and1 the vps host is stable?

I want to buy a vps host of 1and1(1dnd1.com), their host is stability?

1&1 can be mixed from my personal experience. I’ve seen some sites on their servers up without any problems, but other users who have had nothing but problems - like a lot of providers its down to how you (and other customers you share resources with) use them.

I’ve used 1 and 1 for several years and had very few problems. When something does happen, if I can’t find the answers in their faqs, the support is very good.

I don’t know about their VPS, but their cheap shared hosting has been very stable, and fast, in my experience. The downside with them, IMHO, is complete lack of flexibility. They follow procedures, and that’s that, and I’ve seen at least one limitation that made no sense. You have to change your domain’s nameservers to the ones they provide for you, or they remove the domain from your hosting account. I only wanted to host a subdomain there.