13 inch for web development?


I’m planning to buy a Macbook Pro 13" laptop.

Do you consider the monitor’s size too small for web development?

Probably for occasional use, but I’d suggest at least a 15" to avoid eye strain.

What about connecting it on a big monitor? (When I’m not traveling)

Are Macbooks built for nearly non-stop use? I mean I work around 12 - 14 hour a day, so I’ll need the Macbook to be working all the time.

Could the Macbook handle such work load?

Yes plugging into a large monitor is always a good option!

I don’t use a Mac but my PC is on 14-16 hours a day, 365 days a year and that’s just fine. There’s no reason why a Mac should be any different, if anything a Mac might give you a slightly longer lifespan than the average PC.

Yes, but I’m talking about the Macbook particulary, or any notebook for the matter of fact.

I currently own a Mac Mini which I do my work on and it handles like a charm.

But I don’t know if the MacBook is cut out for such work loads.

I’ve used a 13 inch macbook full time for web development since 2006. Obviously the screen size isn’t the best, but I manage, and no reliability issues. Works great.

I’m going to upgrade to an imac for a bigger screen soon though.

Electronics is electronics and how long you use it does not matter.

Well, I’m talking about quality here. And yes, I know that Apple tends to create better quality products (not to offend anybody :slight_smile: )

For ex. I had an Acer laptop which started to overheat after awhile so I had to throw it away.

Then you’re answering your own question.

I don’t think screen size is actually an issue, many people browse on small devices and using such a reduced size screen will actually give you a perspective from those using handheld devices (to a point), I use a small and large display regularly to test websites purely because while the resolution may be the same, the physical size takes into account how the real screen size can affect the visibility of the information (small font sizes can be unreadable on tiny screens using high resolutions). If you do get yourself a 13 inch macbook, perhaps buy yourself (if you can afford one) one of their lovely cinema style displays… then you have something decent to have at home for your more intensive tasks (and testing) which require more physical screen space… just an idea :slight_smile:

I use a 15" display for web development and I think 13" isn’t enough…especially for design.

I think bigger is better as far as laptop screen size web dev. The greater girth gives you plenty to look at when you’re doing stuff like design work. Even tho in my experience with older hardware, the bigger 15+" screens might be floppy at the top after a lot of use and it might feel like a connection is commin’ loose, but i’ve never had one blow out on me in my face or anything. I’m not sure if this is true for the newer ones (i switched over to desktops for the modularity-- if your old disk drive was too small, it was relatively trivial to swap it for a bigger burlier disk drive.)

If you just want one that looks bigger, the darker laptops blend in better with most backgrounds and usually appear much larger than the lighter laptops (they kind of frame the screen and make the boundaries obvious).

But I’ve certainly seen someone work very efficiently with a 13 incher, so size isnt everything.

So it’s really up to your personal preference i think.

I think that for design bigger is better… I changed my 15" screen only because when I design I didn’t get enough screen to have all my palettes there. But, of course, a large monitor with good quality doesn’t come cheap.

13" screen notebook would be OK if you indeed will be using a larger monitor when you’re at home. You should not have any problem using the computer for 15-16 hours a day. The problem of laptops is usually the battery, but you can always take the battery off when you’re at home.

It may be fine for work, however don’t forget that many people don’t have large displays and your design shouldn’t be dependant on having a certain size screen! :slight_smile: