100k by 30?

I’m just looking for some advice on how to get to that goal.

A little bit about me. From the age of 15 my goal was to make 6 figures by 30. I currently just turned 25 and I’m making $60,000 a year (I just got the bump to 60k). I started at $39,000 and have been working for about 1 and half years and I have had a few raises on the way. I graduated with my B.A in Computer Information Systems in December of 2011 and found a job about 5 months later.

I’m currently the network admin/security engineer for a small private healthcare software as a service company. I mange their AWS domain, all the security reviews for clients, and day to day network operations. My company pays for some nice training and I just got back from the AWS invent conference in las vegas so I have that too.

My question is am I going down the right technical track to be at $100,000 by 30? I don’t know if network admins or security professionals can really make 100k?. Everything on pay scale etc is so random depending on the company. Also should I stay here another year and hope for another raise in a year or see if I can job swap and get $70-75k?

Just looking for thoughts of what one would advise me to do to meet my goal.


Random IT Guy.

I’d say you are doing just fine, however, you may find yourself in a position where you’d have to relocate to get to your goal. I wouldn’t say I had the same goal, but my life seems to have followed your goals path. However, I would never have been close to reaching such a goal if I didn’t relocate to a different city that had a higher average salary (and the cost of living was still manageable).

To be honest though, forget the money. You can focus on that day in and day out only to find that you are constantly striving for more, but your company won’t. You need to find a place that you enjoy working there regardless of how much you make (or that is commensurate with what you make).

I’d encourage you to look at where you are in your job, do you find it enjoyable, do you like working where you are, do you hate it everyday, do you dread going into that office? And then act on it accordingly.

High paying positions typically suck up a lot of your time and carry a lot of stress.

You might be earning a good salary, but you probably won’t be able to enjoy it much.

Go for a job you and enjoy and something that pays for your expenses plus a little extra and you’ll never work a day in your life :stuck_out_tongue:



Independent of the development of your pay slip, maybe you can set a goal to be a sunbeam for others at 30 (and before and after)? :slight_smile:

BTW: I don’t /can’t judge (for instance I don’t know if/how much % of your income is going to a charity or another good cause).