100% Uptime for emails


I have a client who wants to have 100% uptime for his emails only. Is it possible to have 2 hostings with same domain and have the emails goes to any server.

can you help?

There is nothing like 100% uptime.
No one can guarantee 100% uptime.

Yes, you can use separate servers for your site and mail. However, this will not guarantee 100% uptime in itself.

That is not possible to have different web hosting accounts for the same domain name.
May you describe the task for the prospective web host more?

Yes it is. If you want the web pages and emails on separate hosting then you need the A record for the domain pointing to one account and the M record pointing to the other.If you want load sharing with one web site duplicated over multiple servers then that can be done quite easily too. You don’t get the facilities for load sharing with most hosting accounts because requiring it implies that you’d need multiple dedicated servers to run the site.

100% uptime on email is actually easier than 100% uptime on hosting - although it depends if you want 100% of email to be received, 100% ability to send or 100% ability to download your mail, as to how you’d implement it and how complex it gets, but it should be perfectly possible due to the way that the SMTP protocol is designed to work, compared to HTTP - SMTP has inherent failover built in to it, whereas HTTP does not.

Here is the issue.

My client said that he always gets very important emails and when his old hosting is down, the email gets bounced back and the sender never sends the email again. Thus, he wants to ensure that he never loses email.

Therefore, I was expecting that it is possible to have two servers/hosts running simultaneously and if one server/host is down, the other can pick it up.

That is my poor thinking :D. If you guys/gals have a solution for me, please post it.

Thank you


Ask your current host if they have a mail relay/backup MX server that you can use - that should be set as a higher priority number (which confusingly makes it a lower priority for use) than the primary MX record - it’ll then store the email, until the primary is back up and deliver the email to the primary, where your client can download it. 3rd party companies also often offer backup/secondary MX services as well.

The other choice of course, is get a host that doesn’t have so much downtime :slight_smile:


100% no one hosting can promise! Biz
virus attach, maitainance and so on… only 99.999…% haha


Whilst 100% for any system isn’t possible indefinitely, it’s certainly a lot easier to achieve with email than it is with http, as the protocol was designed with redundancy and failover in mind when it was created.


If email is THAT important to you then you should either

  1. Do it yourself. This means set up your own servers and arrange for separate DNS servers with MX entries pointing to multiple servrs just in case, where MX 0 is your primary and MX 5 -MX 10 etc are your backup. You’ll need 2-3 networks to set this up on and will cost a lot.

  2. Use an email service provider that is NOT $5 per month. You get what you pay for and like the person said earlier. There is no such thing as 100%.

What is your definition of email not working. 9/10 it has nothing to do with email not orking, but bad configuration or POP/IMAP servers dying. I still use the arcane PINE and I rarely have any issue as it is directly on the server from which I am reading. The only times I have a problem is when the server hangs and that’s pretty obvious.

I have a client that I resell email services through USA.net which I DO recommend. I pay slightly over 2k for a one year prepayment…but you know what…my client NEVER calls me. I hate email complaints…so annoying, so I will go and spend $1000 MORE (this is FACT!) so I have to do a lot less work.

Completely up to you.

Have you thought of using a hosted Exchange mail provider? These tend to offer the best reliability for your email, and it is a solution that enables you to keep your current Web host, and just point your mail DNS records to the Exchange mail host.


Just out of curiosity, how does the fact that it’s Exchange make it more reliable? :slight_smile:


That is the right answer. To add one more point, even if your server is down for few minutes/even hours, the mail doesnt bounce back to the sender. Email server will try for atleast a day before sending back to the original sender. If your emails baounce back to the sender, you must be hosted on a very bad server.

I recommend, you check out google’s enterprise solutions. they offer email services as a package and can be integrated with your hosting.
google’s services can be the closest to 100%

If you got best one pls inform me

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What does your client think that 100% uptime guarantee is? Does he want the e-mail host to guarantee that the recipients will 100% receive any email sent from the host server? Because if he thinks like this you shall teach him a lesson on how Internet works :slight_smile:

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