10 Worst AdWords Campaign Mistakes

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I made many of those mistakes… and i basically had a very poor overall strategy… one of the things that did work for me though was this strategy… read more about it at http://google.adwords.com

honestly , thanks for sharing all these things … i personally have made all those error / mistakes in my adwords campaign… i got crazy delivering thousands keywords to get better result which in fact just losing me more times… thanks…

Thanks Mr Tyler Huston. I have been running adwords campaign for different mortgage related site and also ran for ukmag.co.uk website. And I am really making a couple of mistakes mentioned by you. I am really greatfull to you for turning me to the right way.

Im new to Google adword. Just today I setup my ad campaign for dreamfordomain.com and whatamiracle.com sites. This article is very helpful for me.

So a good example of “4. Directing Users Solely to your Homepage” would be the “Design Festival” ads on this page? The add says “Upgrade your CSS Skills…” and then directs you to the home page where there is no obvious information for a course description related to CSS. Brilliant!