10 Popular Plugins to Extend or Enhance Your WordPress Site

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WordPress plugins offer easy ways to add or extend the functionality of a WordPress site. There are hundreds of these plugins on the market. But which ones you choose will generally be determined by the type or niche of your website. Although a few of them are helpful or even necessary for any website you design.

Adding or improving on a website's functionality generally involves a great deal of work. We talk about the designer and the developer. Plugins can do all the work for you — great news if you're a WordPress aficionado.

Having a few "must-have" plugins on hand is always a good idea. Not every one of those listed here will be essential in your case. Yet, there are at least several you really don't want to be without.

That being the case – we're pleased to share these top plugins and tools with you.

1. wpDataTables

Not every website requires charts and tables to get its message across, but the minute you find yourself attempting to create one that does, you'll want a tool that makes the process as easy as possible; one that does it right and saves you a ton of time in the process.

If average is good enough, and you're not pressed for time, there are plenty of chart/table building tools to choose from.

If, however, you want –

  • Professionally prepared charts or tables that draw attention
  • Accurate and informative charts or tables created from large (even huge) amounts of data
  • Charts or tables that are responsive and easily customizable and editable
  • Charts or tables featuring conditional formatting that allow you to highlight cells, rows, or columns,
  • And do any or all of these quickly with minimal effort on your part, far and away the best plugin for you is wpDataTables.

wpDataTables gives you an all-in-one solution for working with large amounts of data and is the only chart/table-building solution fully supporting MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL databases.

2. Amelia

Designed for businesses that heavily depend on appointment bookings, Amelia ensures appointment can be made any time, correctly and trouble-free, and properly managed.

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