10 Important Questions to Ask About Your Next Website Project

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Web design and development is a long, iterative process. It can span a few weeks or a few months. And as you get immersed in the details, it is quite easy to lose track. Have you met the original goals of the website? Or did you get so engrossed in creating a fine work of art that you forgot about the viewer, and the revenue? It may sound blasé, but I’ve seen it happen often enough. We just lose sight of the big picture.

To make sure I’m on track, I ask someone who hasn’t seen the site before (preferably someone that matches the target audience of the site), to take a look and answer the following for me:

  • Who is this site for?
  • What would they come here to find? Can they find it easily?
  • What do they have to give in return?

If an unbiased third person third person can answer those clearly, your website has done its job. If not, it’s time for some changes.

I sit down and ask a few hard questions. Here is a checklist I use before signing off on a website project. It’s helped keep me accountable, and at times, saved me from embarrassment. Do you have a checklist too? If not, feel free to try this one.

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I find it really annoying and unoriginal when authors feel compelled to write in a “Top 10 List” format…


Articles like this make SitePoint sound like the Huffington Post… Eww…

Noted mikey! Thanks for the feedback.

I feel checklists do serve a purpose - especially like this one - to make sure everything’s good to go before I sign off to clients. How do you sign off your projects?

I understand, but the Internet is littered with this writing style.

I was not an English major in school, but I can say that you can write articles that cover “Things you need to do” without coming across like the crap on Huffington Post which is designed to catch people’s attention, but not provide substance.

Just my 2-cents.

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