1 store for europe 1 store for North America duplicate content issues

I am thinking about opening up in E-Commerce store selling products. I will need a U.S. website and a European website for shipping and legal purposes. How would be the best way of organizing this and implementing it from a SEO point of view and without having any issues regarding duplicate content?

Thanks for taking the time.


Alright, thanks bluedreamer for the help. I will try to rewrite the content for the different website.


Anybody who please could shed some light on this dilemma…

But well the search engines be able to see the difference in the language? My concern is to loss traffic due the appearance of duplicate content.

I’d go for two separate sites:

www.myusastore.com (hosted in the US)
www.myeurostore.eu (hosted in the EU)

If your products are identical I’d write text copy aimed at each continent, using Queens English for the EU products and US English for North America. That way you can pitch your sales text at each culture and obviously spell words like colour/color correctly.

Yes search engines will see two independant sites if you do it properly. If you rewrite your content for each site it won’t be “duplicated”, and if you host the US site in North America and host the EU site in Europe you’ll be targetting two different sets of customers with two different sites.