+1 button text help

I am planning to add +1 button to my site pages. I give some free service in my pages.

I need a line of text which will appear next to +1 button to encourage users to click the button.

Something like “support us by clicking this button for the free service to stay”

some suggest me good one liner which will encourage user to click the +1 button.

set the +1 code on a span, and then next to it inside another span set the message.

for example:

+1 code

How about selling the value of what clicking +1 will do for the user? +1 is a new service so the features are low but it’s certainly going to be a way to push updates out, interact, even poll users on features. Give me a reason to engage & value from doing so.

I have one advise for you do not add this button on your home page, because it will slow down your page load time

It will slow down any page so this logic would indicate you wouldn’t want it anywhere… right?

Of course for sites that do find a significant drop in profit per tenth of second slow down, there are services that handle tag loading as it’s not just social sharing: analytics, ad, retargetting all pose the same issue.

I found this one liner on an article site & really liked it.
‘Rate us on Google’
This is simple, short & the easy to understand as well.

A few more suggestions…

Like us on Google
Support us on Google
Share us on Google

The first one might be more familiar for people that are used to Liking things on Facebook…

I tried this but it slowed my page.

So you have tried all of the suggestions given here and none of them worked for you? Hard to believe.

Loading external content certainly won’t speed up your page but given the caching and servers involved, the impact, especially from the a-sync methods Google uses, should be minimal.

If you don’t want that small add, you won’t be able to add native sharing buttons and will have to stick with links launching off to sharing options [and thus reducing the use].

The simpl way to include a G+1 button on your page is by just including the necessary tag and script.

Like our services? Promote us on Google …

And yes, it will slow down the loading speed of your website… But, that’s the price you have to pay for using this service.

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:lol: Now, I don’t mean to make you blush, but I love you Ted S. Your posts always give excellent advice and on top of that they make me smile! :heart_smiley:

Basically, there are various lines but the most often used line is “rate us on Google”. This line is best for you if you are adding it with +1 button.


Basically, there are various lines but the most often used line is “rate us on Google”. This line is best for you if you are adding it with +1 button.

Just be sure you’re not misleading people into thinking they’re actually providing a review when they’re actually sharing [which is an implicit endorsement but not necessarily what they may think of as reviewing].

Webcosmo already helped in this matter, Thanks to webcosmo. It is true that +1 button makes your website a bit slow, however, as per a statement by Google, +1 button is working 3-times faster, i.e you may not get the rank you want. To cope with slow page download, you could use gzip compression technique. It won’t make your website slow.