1 bit monochrome?

Hey all,

Ive got someone asking for an image to be sent back as a .pcx file and with 1 bit monochrome…

I have searched and searched to avail as to what this really means and how I go about doing it.

Any help??

Can anyone tell me how this is done in photoshop (if indeed it is)?
Can someone also explain the .pcx as well…


Appreciate the help.

Monochrome that’s “Bitmap” in Photoshop - you have to convert your image into this.
The first step will be converting it into Grayscale and then you can make another step and make a Bitmap from it.

And .pcx - there’s not much to explain, it’s just a file format…

Cheers Varelse…

So its pretty much Image->Mode->Bitmap in photoshop…
Then save as .pcx

but is that 1 bit??

Thanks again!

Image->Mode->Greyscale (first)

:agree: Bitmap = 1 bit (black or white, no gray shades)

Is it for a phone logo? Both photoshop & fireworks can do these. As described above.

I also need the image to be 50 pixels high, by when I resize, the image pretty much turns into blocks…
Shouldnt the quality of it get better as it gets smaller?
Or am I doing something wrong??

You wouldnt be able to tell what the hell it was at this size.
But at its original size (ultra high res) its fine…
And its not a complicated image either… pretty much just an elipse…

thanks again.

Andrew> yes it is a logo…


Resize BEFORE converting to bitmap (in RGB colors). Once resized - convert it. Not the other way.
However there’s still a chance that your image will be quite poor :frowning:

yep… the image quality is still quite poor…
Im guessing that cant be helped when its a bitmap. =)

Thanks for all your help guys…

Appreciate it!

With a very small size, the loss of details is a natural thing.
If you can/want - upload your image and maybe we’ll be able to help you with it.