1 and 1

Have anyone used the service on 1 & 1 for hosting? I am looking for a good hosting site so I can start building but I am at a lost with all the hosting options. Just hoping anyone can give me some ideas.

Yes, there are many places you can start with for hosting.

First off, set yourself a budget for hosting… then work out what features you require from your hosting - this will help you narrow down the list of potentials.

I’ve used 1&1 for several years for a couple of sites. I’ve heard horror stories but they have been fine for me. I have rarely had downtime on my shared hosting and (less than on Hostmonster, for example) and the loading speed seems very good. I do have 2 negative things to say, though.

  1. They don’t use cpanel and I am very used to it from running a few other sites. I don’t like the home-grown version used by 1&1.

  2. Transferring and cancelling domains seems unnecessarily difficult on 1&1 if you are also using them as the registrar. They did at some point change it so I can just let a domain lapse but that was not always the case. It still seems more difficult that with some other registrars. Of course, most people will tell you that you should not have your hosting and registration with the same company anyway.

I’ve had a couple of clients with 1and1 hosting and it was abyssmal.

1+1 is a mixed bag, some people swear by them, other people avoid like the plague - I guess it depends on the server you are on / how many and what you are sharing with.